Reviews of the Easter Pageant

Living Picture Pageant

3:00 PM on Palm Sunday
Medicine Valley
High School Gymnasium
303 Crook Avenue
Curtis, Nebraska

Easter City

March 31, 1999

Congratulations on a job well done. I have attended the Passion Play in South Dakota and found your production to be equally well-produced and to be a very professional presentation.

Thank you for providing this inspiring Christian entertainment. God bless you.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. Gary Brethour
McCook, Nebraska

March 31, 1999

I would like to commend you on the excellent work you did in providing this area with another beautiful Easter Pageant. Please extend my thanks to all involved.

Pat Sexton
North Platte, Nebraska

April 13, 1995

Just a note before I put the file away, to let you know what several of our passengers said about the Easter Pageant. These comments were from people who had been to the Pageant with us before, once or twice. The comments were that they felt it was the best ever! Larry and I agree. It was lovely.

Once again, thank you for making our Palm Sunday more meaningful…

Carol Hall
Hall Tours
Lincoln, Nebraska

April 11, 1995

Dear Mrs. Banzhaf

You are not acquainted with me, however we have visited on the telephone. I called you to inquire about the Easter Pageant that was listed in the Nebraska catalog of events.

My wife and I were able to attend, and we were certainly blessed as a result! You and everyone else who had anything at all to do with the pageant are to be commended for this excellent presentation of the Easter Story!

We live in a day and age when there is so much emphasis placed on the Easter Bunny, Easter Eggs or any other thing to detract from the true meaning of Easter, that it's refreshing to have productions such as yours. Also as we were driving home, my wife and I agreed that the program was presented in a very professional manner, and would certainly be strong competition for a "high priced" professional production. In fact, I don't like to compare, but we have seen the Black Hills Passion Play twice and I think the Curtis Easter Pageant is superior.

So we want to thank all of you for making our Palm Sunday, and this year's resurrection celebration very special.

Bob Vogel
Akron, Colorado

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